16th July 2019

Today I woke up at 9-30am. I threw some dishes in the sink and some washing in the machine, while the kettle boiled for my tea. I organised these things and have been sitting writing these blog posts.  I hope they make sense. I’m sure they’ll be filled with grammatical errors etc because, brain fog.  I’m planning on rearranging some items I have in facebook groups. Adding more to one, sending emails. General admin stuff. I have so many accumulated costume pieces to get rid of and I don’t want to just take them all to an op shop.  My partner and I have so much stuff in our garage waiting to take to op shops or The Green Shed.  We’ve been going through all our stuff because we plan to move to somewhere smaller next year. Between both my partners they support me, financially and we can’t afford the rent we pay on the place we live in. Plus, we want less yard to take care of because we just can’t do it. A dishwasher would also be good, save some energy.

I’m gradually getting rid of costumes in batches. I have tried to sell some of it before, but it’s so much effort for little interest. So, what I’m doing is putting items in a group I have created for friends. Some of my friends are taking the items, then the ones that don’t sell are going into a local Buy Nothing Group and I’m giving more things away. What’s left is going in the garage and will then be taken to The Green Shed. Some things I’m also having one last go at selling in one way or another. It’s all very time consuming to do though and takes up all my energy for the day.

After this I will take a load of laundry outside and my partner will hang it up. I’ll have a shower, take Clifford to the dog park and then Nook time again.

I didn’t have the energy to do a cooked dinner. Sometimes standing in the kitchen to cook is hard.  We bought a stool so I could sit and cook and sometimes I use that. Bending down to get stuff out of cupboards etc can be hard.  Once I got sore muscles from getting out of bed. I know. Ridiculous but this is how it is.

I did make lots of cute crocheted roses for my business. Thank goodness for crochet.

The Green Shed is here

Buy Nothing is here


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