Self Isolation Activities

I posted this on my Facebook page, but I decided to make it into a blog.  Most people across the world, right now, have been told to isolate themselves due to Corona Virus.  As someone who has ongoing chronic illness/disability this brings up a lot of things for me.  I haven’t been able to do much for about three years now. I don’t leave the house often.

Here’s my thought on the isolation thing for ‘the average person’. Many people feel ‘bad’ about having to do self-care. They feel bad when they aren’t going at 1000k per hour in their lives. They feel they must balance doing many things at the same time, and they must prioritise their daily or weekly diaries.

Now is the chance to have a ‘self-care’ break. Go slow, take your time doing things (unless you’re a work maybe not then) I’ve made a bit of a list. (I haven’t included kid activities, but many of these can include them. I acknowledge it’s harder with kids, also a lot of this relies on having a computer, however not all things). Also, these things need not be expensive. I have little income and I can manage a lot of these.

Random ‘cat’ photo. Featuring ‘Ellie’


  • Do some of those household jobs you haven’t gotten to for ages.
  • Do more of your craft activities.
  • Catch up on Netflix, Stan and whatever else. You tube. Vimeo.
  • Have more than one long bath in a week.
  • Try some new recipes (providing you can get ingredients). Invite a couple of friends over for more quieter types of socialising.
  • Try out some new board games or any board or other games.
  • Do some research on the internet into some subject that has always intrigued you.
  • If you’re a creative: nut out a new project, contemplate a recent project and think about what you can do better.
  • Do a family tree.
  • Do a virtual tour of a museum or art gallery.
  • Practise a musical instrument; Learn a musical instrument or how to sing.
  • Investigate new pod casts to listen to.
  • Dress up and make your own tik tok clips.
  • Build a kite and take it out and fly it.
  • Catch up on your home filing.
  • Back up your computer.
  • Do a makeover on yourself or a friend. This could include looking at latest fashions and getting ideas for new looks.
  • Put a face mask on (the skin type): you can make cheap ones at home.
  • Organise or collate you favourite recipes.
  • Find out when your friends and family’s birthdays are and record them somewhere.
  • Join a new online group of some kind on a subject you’re interested in but one that is new.
  • Create a bunch of memes.
  • Learn a new language (online).
  • Create music play lists.
  • Start that blog writing; Do any writing.
  • Start that Patreon account.
  • If you’re a performer/producer think about ways technology can be used to provide entertainment – you tube, live streaming etc. Think about how you can carry this into your art when ‘this’ is over. People who are always restricted and can’t get out might well appreciate your ideas being carried forward into the future. Your art might become more accessible.
  • Start a journal/visual diary. Put anything in this. Writing, pictures anything you like.
  • Colour in.
  • Think of 2-5 positives in every day and record them somewhere.
  • Start an ‘achievement jar’ (this idea can be carried into many forms, for example a ‘thankful jar’). For every achievement, no matter how big or small. Write in on a piece of paper and collect in a jar. Traditionally these are done through the year and opened on New Year’s Eve. Create your own tradition.
  • Go outside and make art with found objects. Anything. Sticks, leaves, anything you find. Make patterns or drawing. Photograph with your phone if you like.
  • Get a collection of fabric scraps – they don’t have to be fancy; anything will work. Get a needle and thread and stitch into the fabric. Don’t worry about being neat, just let your imagination go.
  • Email your friends; chat online; contact that relative you haven’t spoken to for ages. Write them an actual letter and post. Reconnect.
  • Jigsaw puzzles; do a puzzle.
  • Look into a course of study you’ve been thinking about doing.
  • Puzzles or games on your phone. Phone apps.
Random dog photo, featuring ‘Clifford’

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