53 in 2021.  Sometimes cranky (it all comes out in my writing), Queer Crip,  gender fluid, polyamorous, pansexual, asexual human being.  Queer as fuck. Big on speaking up about disabilities and queer issues.

I started this blog about 10 or more years ago, I suspect if I read back on my posts I might wonder what the hell was going on…. so what I’m saying is my opinions and ideas shift and change.

I’ve worked ‘with’ people in my day job for 17 years, before finally hitting a wall in 2018 after about 12 years of health issues.  I was diagnosed with CFS/ME.  I’ve Been an educator in sexuality and health, mental health, art, inclusiveness.  Can teach just about anything except maths, don’t ask me about maths (that comes from a 14 year old student I had).  Big advocate for fighting for the underdog, human rights, anything I think is unfair.

I’ve also been a practising artist for many, many years attending the Canberra School of art graduated in 1996.  Textiles, sculpture, anything that gets my ideas across. I’ve been/am a performer;  A drag king, Mr Green Teal was my first character. My other character is Sparklemuffin named after a spider.  I’ve done burlesque and boylesque. In recent times I’ve been using my walker in my acts.

I have a website https://www.arachneart.com/

Two Facebook pages https://www.facebook.com/Sparklemuffin


Instagram @meganmunro1968  and @sparklemuffin_mrgreenteal

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