The Best Meal I’ve Ever Had

This is an image of Gut Biome. Image description: a range of brightly coloured shapes that are mostly elongated, like sausages. They are orange, purple, green, blue and pink. There is one in the middle that is a bit bigger, it is orange and it has blue lines coming off it that look like tree branches.

I did a two hour writing workshop with Carly Finlay on the 21st Oct 21.  She gave us this exercise.  To write 300 words in 10 minutes on the best meal we’ve ever had.

I had a meal just recently with my partner that was quite special.  It was pan fried dumplings.  A chicken and prawn combination and a vegetarian variety. We got them via Menulog from a local restaurant that we hadn’t yet tried. We ate them out of the containers and on the lids whilst sitting in our new house.  A house that we bought, via online auction, the first day of Lockdown in Canberra. We worked years to get this house and there were times we didn’t think we’d get here, but we did. That first meal of pan fried dumplings, on the fold out table, surrounded by all our unpacked possessions, will be a meal I will never forget.

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